Randalls - KEYE

Randalls has always taken its community responsibility seriously. Since 1996, Randalls has donated more than $34 million to nearly 8,000 Texas nonprofit organizations just through its Good Neighbor Program alone. In 2000, when Randalls began its Breast Cancer Campaign to raise funds to support individuals affected by breast cancer, their families and caregivers, Randalls chose BCRC as the campaign’s beneficiary. BCRC initially used the funding to print and distribute its monthly newsletter. More recently, support from Randalls has supplied BCRC Resource Totes to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  These Totes contain a healing pillow, a listing of BCRC programs, and information on how to contact a BCRC Certified Patient Navigator

This year, in addition to the Resource Totes, Randalls’ generous support will also provide BCRC clients with the Breast Cancer Companion, a comprehensive guide available to newly diagnosed clients through a Patient Navigator. The Breast Cancer Companion was created in response to the knowledge that a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. In addition to Patient Navigation, this useful tool will provide direction through the complex and demanding journey that is breast cancer.

Funding provided by Randalls also supports Breast Cancer 101, a bi-monthly class taught by BCRC Certified Patient Navigators to educate newly diagnosed clients and their caregivers on next steps, coping strategies and what to expect, as well as connecting them to local resources.

In 2006, Randalls teamed up with KEYE-TV to dedicate the month of October to breast cancer awareness, and raise funds for BCRC. At the time, KEYE-TV was the media sponsor of BCRC’s annual Champagne Brunch. Judy Maggio, KEYE-TV anchor and past BCRC event MC, became the “face” of the campaign, elevating the campaign’s awareness and ultimately reaching more women. 

In 2012, BCRC partnered with KEYE-TV to host “Ask the Experts,” a segment where viewers called in during the 5pm newscast to ask a panel of local surgeons and oncologists questions about breast health. Questions ranged from where to get a mammogram to best methods of managing side effects of chemotherapy treatment. In 2013, KEYE-TV has renewed its partnership with BCRC and is working to host several stories throughout the year demonstrating BCRC’s commitment that no one should face breast cancer alone.

BCRC appreciates the longstanding support of both Randalls and KEYE-TV. These partnerships continue to help BCRC Patient Navigators replace fear, anxiety and doubt with information, options and hope.